As the last week of programming for the summer, kids were encouraged to invite their families to the center to show off what they had been working on for the past six weeks. Grandparents, parents, and siblings spent the day watching their student ride their favorite horse, participating in games the kids had mastered, and looking through the amazing art projects they had created throughout the summer.

It was awesome to see the pride and comfort on the kids’ faces as they showed their parents and grandparents around and explained the rules of their favorite game to their siblings. It was clear that they were excited to show off their accomplishments and interests, and the parents were thrilled to see what their children had been doing.

The different aspects of the program that stuck with each child intrigued me. Each child was asked to tell us what their favorite thing of the summer was, and all of the answers were unique.

“Mindy the horse.”


“The art room.”

“Being on the horse.”


“Brushing the horse.”

I loved hearing that among the many activities and games throughout the summer, each child found one thing that stuck out for them. It was even more rewarding to hear that everybody had such different experiences throughout the program. They all played the same games and rode the same horses, but each had their own personal experience that they would remember fondly.

Watching them drag their parents around the center to show them where the bathroom is or their favorite toy, and telling their parents that they had to wait to see them ride was heart-warming and adorable. I had watched the kids having fun all summer, but it was a joy to watch them become the teacher to their parents as they explained the center as if it were their own. Their comfort and pride in the center was more than I ever could have hoped for and was beyond gratifying.