On your mark, get set, go!!! Over the balance beam, figure eight on the scooter, three bounces on the ball, beanbag toss, two rounds of bowling. Today at the center, the kids were asked to work together to create an obstacle course. They were each asked to pick a toy or an object and create a task. Once the activities were placed around the room, they strung together into a fantastic obstacle course.

Watching the kids build the course was incredible. Cardboard boxes became beanbag holes, circles were placed on the floor in order to show where to stand, and the rules were explained thoroughly-not by the teachers, but by the kids.

As they patiently waited their turn to go through the course, they were cheering each other on. “Look how fast he’s going!” “Make sure you go to the bouncy ball next!” “Two turns at bowling!” In addition to cheering for each other, there were many personal celebrations. A perfect beanbag toss resulted in a leap of excitement over the box and onto the next activity, and strikes and spares were cause for fist bumps and excited exclamations, “YES! STRIKE!!”

They not only had to wait their turn, but once they ran out of the start, they had to remember the order of obstacles. Following a string of directions can be very difficult, and they did a fantastic job at connecting the dots between the toys placed all over the room. The creativity involved in creating the course and the focus and patience needed to complete it was a challenge that every studentaccepted and handled with excitement and joy.